Coffee Culture, Part 2

Back in March, I celebrated my birthday with a day in San Francisco exploring coffee houses.  We didn’t quite make it to all of our stops, so before school got out for the summer we popped up to the city for a few hours and hit two more spots.  While arranging a coffee meeting this week I was reminded of these images and, after visiting stop no. 7 again, inspired to share a few favorites here…

STOP 6 | Hollow

Favorite | The cozy size1 - Hollow

STOP 7 | The Mill

Favorite(s) | The shelf styling.  The light.  The toast.2 - The Mill

Thanks to Kristina for these fun adventures and catching me people watching!  Our list has expanded beyond the original 10 stops so hopefully this fall the fun will continue.  Would love to hear of your favorites to add to our list…