Returning home from Spring Break this week was softened by the delivery of this lovely book from our trip last April. Print Your Photos - Spring Break Vacation Photo Book |

Dreaming up a little Travel Series of inspiration to get those vacation photos off your phone and into your home, stay tuned!

Making a family yearbook is one of the more daunting book projects one can take on, so perhaps this explains why even I am a bit behind in this area of memory keeping. My desire to have a matching set of annual books lined up nicely on the shelf (you know, something lovely like this) caused a bit of analysis paralysis. I finally just made a decision and moved forward, reminding myself that anything I did was definitely better than these memories being tied up in my computer.
Family Yearbook Photo Book |

I designed this 2014 album with a two-page introductory layout for each month, followed by one page of highlight stories and a one page grid of miscellaneous images from the month. These two standard layouts were then followed by the images and stories from the rest of that month.Family Yearbook Photo Book | www.suzanneobrienstudio.comFamily Yearbook Photo Book |

Because I wrote about most of the activities from the month on the monthly “happenings” page, many of the pages that followed often just had a simple title. Other times, a longer story found its way onto the pages.Family Yearbook Photo Book |

As is always the case with the books I design, some stories required a grid of photos to be told, others warranted a full image on the page…Family Yearbook Photo Book | www.suzanneobrienstudio.comFamily Yearbook Photo Book | www.suzanneobrienstudio.comFamily Yearbook Photo Book |

The “monthly happenings” design I created was quite labor intensive and probably not something I will repeat in the future. 2014 was the last year I used the Oh Life journaling system, before they went out of business :(. This daily journaling system provided me with a lot of great details, quotes and funny stories to accompany my images for the year. That was a lot of content to manage and edit. This will likely not be the case beyond that year, so that should help simplify my annual albums.Family Yearbook Photo Book |

Although I plan to make some changes going forward, ultimately, I love how our 2014 stories were captured in this beautiful (8.25 x 11) album. Well, half of them at least, I maxed out the page count with the first half of our year so stayed tuned for part two…

Family Yearbook Photo Book |

  • March 25, 2017 - 8:01 am

    kristi boyd - love your clean style!! Thank you for sharing. Is this an artifact uprising album?ReplyCancel

  • March 27, 2017 - 6:58 am

    Claudia Reyes - Lovely album! Which company did you use to print this book? I haven’t seen this particular size (8.5 x 11 in) before.ReplyCancel

  • March 31, 2017 - 3:15 pm

    Suzanne - Thank you both! This was printed by Artifact Uprising, love their product.ReplyCancel

At the beginning of the year I was asked to reflect on my favorite projects from 2016.  You can check out my favorite personal photo book here, and today I’m sharing a few images from a special photo shoot.

This sweet family lives out of state and had one day to all be together here in California.  There with Care brought us together and I was able to capture the beauty and love surrounding them in the midst of this challenging family time. Photography with a Heart |

Hug your loved ones tight and appreciate your time spent together, even if the circumstances are less than ideal, family is precious indeed.Photography with a Heart |

xo, Suzanne

  • March 2, 2017 - 7:55 am

    Kristina - Such sweet photos. I’m sure these will be photos that this family treasures forever.ReplyCancel

Not sure what I’m more excited about this month, all of the snow and rain we’ve been enjoying here in California, or this super cute book with a handful of my favorite 2016 images that arrived on my doorstep before the end of January!2016 Year in Review Instagram Photo Book |

I started this sweet little 6×6 book while warming up at the ski lodge and finished it from my desktop later that day.

IG Chatbooks Collage

At some point I will get around to telling the larger stories of our 2016, but until then, this was an easy way to get a few highlights into our home for everyone to enjoy! 2016 Year in Review Instagram Photo Book |

Over the holiday break I was asked what my favorite completed personal project was in 2016. In the photo book category, the creation that immediately came to mind was the album I made to honor our first home that we sold at the beginning of the year.Tell the story of your family home in a photo book |

Today I’m honored to be sharing all the details about this project over on the Milk blog. Would love for you to pop over, say hello, and check out all of the beautiful products they have to offer!