QR Codes + Photo Books = Magic

I’ve had a few questions about the process of adding a QR code to a photo book so today I’m sharing a quick how-to.  Whether you’d like to add a link to an audio clip or movie file to your book, the steps are similar and quite easy.

QR Code-1

Adding Video

  1. Upload video file to an online site, such as Dropbox or Vimeo (my preference so I don’t have to store the file).
  2. Copy URL link to this file
  3. Paste link into a QR code generation site, I use QR Stuff
  4. Click the “Download QR Code” button
  5. Once your code is downloaded, think of it like any other jpeg file that you add to your photo book.  I am careful to keep the file size consistent with the downloaded file (i.e. 200×200).Adding a QR Code to your photo book | suzanneobrienstudio.com

Adding Audio

  1. Record audio on phone using Recorder app
  2. Rename the Memo so it is easy to find
  3. Email recording to yourself
  4. Follow steps 1 – 5  for adding video aboveAdding a QR Code to your photo book | suzanneobrienstudio.com

Adding audio or video to your photo book is a great way to bring the words and images of a story to life!

  • January 29, 2017 - 9:04 am

    Kim Porter - This is just brilliant! I am planning to do the same thing with videos from my daughter’s 1st year book (um, she’s now 12). But a sticking point for me…which company should I choose for longevity! YouTube or Vimeo? It’s stopped me from moving forward, so would love to know your thoughts on the matter! 🙂ReplyCancel