Creative Field Trips | Gather Pt. 2

There was too much to share in one post yesterday, some events you just want to linger over, like Gather California.  It was the ultimate Creative Field Trip.  A house on the beach filled with amazing women sharing a common love of photography…pinch me.  Throughout the weekend there were as many beautiful scenes as there were beautiful conversations…

Gather_CA |

And beautiful people doing the most beautiful thing – what they love to do…

Gather_CA |suzanneobrienstudio.comSometimes you need a little video to capture the energy of an experience.  I wish I remembered this more often.  Movie-making master Xanthe gifted us with this lovely time capsule video below.  I hope you might enjoy it too and imagine how you could create a similar movie that tells your story with the people you Gather with in 2015.

Can you feel the happiness?  Don’t you want to learn how to make movies like this?  You are in luck because Xanthe is about to launch a year-long Creating Time Capsules class next week, be sure to pop on over to check it out!

And do stop by tomorrow as I will share an album befitting my weekly Creative Field Trip theme for PhotoBook Friday!

Gather Part One